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The world of investing is a nebulous profession. There are a myriad strategies, tactics, methodologies, opinions and experts. Most of us are clueless, so we turn to the experts, the investment advisors. Now here is a thing, the industry is largely driven by commissions, which are deducted from your funds before they are invested so naturally your investment contributions are reduced. This obviously leads to poor performance, which you usually only discover too late.

Did you know that 7 out of 10 people do not know how much commission they pay or how this impacts on performance?

So how do you improve performance and manage the relationship with your advisor?

For starters you need to dispel the myths and become knowledgeable about how markets work. To achieve this we invite you to enrol for the FREE emails. Then you need to construct a rational approach to portfolio building that takes all the latest research into account, seeks to lower costs, maximises performance and is sustainable. Instead of a “bit-of-this and a bit-of-that” approach, depending on what grabs your fancy. Once you have constructed your portfolio, you then need to track your performance relative to a benchmark, something most investment advisors despise. Finally, you need to develop a retirement plan that is achievable, you need to stick to the plan and review it annually. If this all seems so daunting how do you achieve this? Well, Moneywise would be a monumental start.

Good advisors, and there are many of them, apparently promise all of these things yet all too frequently I hear the same response. “I never hear from my advisor unless he has something to sell.” Why is this? The answer is obvious. To measure performance is time consuming, and besides who wants to highlight poor performance which invariably is. Then to reconstruct a financial plan each year is a very time consuming and complex affair. Why would an advisor go to all this effort when there is little financial reward, and new clients are beckoning.

You are responsible for your own financial future, so don’t sit around thinking your advisor has everything under control. They probably don’t. It is now possible, with the aid of technology, to be informed and proactive. It is time to supplement your advice today.

For 3 years we have been collecting data from the thousands of users that have participated in our surveys, where 98 percent of you said you were seeking an alternative solution other than just your advisor. This is our alternative solution.

Welcome to Moneywise.

4 Steps To Financial Independence
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Step 1: Portfolio Management

A subscription will allow you to consolidate all your assets into a portfolio, bringing order to chaos and which will allow you to assess its construction. Is it a rational, well diversified portfolio or a “bit-of-this and a bit-of-that”? Well Moneywise will provide you with a comparison, so you will be able to find out.

Although Moneywise does not focus on getting you to change your portfolio constituents, that is up to you. However you will very quickly come to realise if your portfolio is inappropriately constructed. Moneywise will track your portfolio performance relative to an appropriate benchmark, adjusted for approximated performance fees, income tax and appropriate cash holdings.

Did you know that 66 percent of investors do not know what their relative performance is?

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A subscription to Moneywise allows you to instantly:
• Build a customised portfolio
• Determine your personal asset allocation
• Develop your own unique financial plan
• Discover when you will be able to retire
• Determine how much to save each month
• Take control of your investment finances
• Receive graphical performance feedback
• Know how much income to draw in retirement
• Determine your life assurance needs
• Set an automatic annual process in motion
• Provide you with peace of mind
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Participant testimonials

"An astounding journey which exposed me to an investment option I never knew existed. I would recommend it to any would-be investor."  - Mr. I. S

"The stuff that epiphanies are made of!"  - Mr. A. D

"Well worth the time - taught me a lot!" - Mr. A. v. Z

"A lot of misperceptions have been cleared. Well worth the time reading and responding to the series. Thanks."                                        - Mr. J. M

"Chew the meat - spit out the bones. It is best to broaden our knowledge base and I have done just this with this course. Life must be based on facts - and here are the facts..."                       - Mr. D. P

"Interesting, dispelled a number of unquestioned beliefs."                                                     - Mr. P. J.

Please join me...

This journey is FREE and will last a few weeks. In total you will receive 20 e-mails on highly informative topics that will undoubtedly get you thinking. All you need to do is supply the information below and the process will begin. You may choose to opt out of the journey at any point should you wish, but I encourage you to participate completely. It is truly worthwhile.


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