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Hi, my name is Mark Pawley. I am a concerned investor just like you. I go to work everyday and I plod away at my chosen vocation, hoping to set aside enough money to ensure I achieve the many things I want to achieve. I too have many questions regarding my financial well being in years to come, and it is these questions, as well as utterly inappropriate and downright poor advice dispensed to me by hopelessly inept financial advisors, that prompted me to get educated and search for a better solution. My varied businesses outside of financial services have always involved attending to customer needs to ensure their satisfaction. This is the cornerstone of any business, and it is this philosophy that does not allow me to recommend any financial services products that cannot add value to your financial well-being. Many of those doing the advising are motivated by commission, and from a financial services perspective this creates a conflict. For this reason the only way for me to enhance your investment experience is to encourage you to get yourself into a position where you are better informed and can take charge of your own financial destiny. Without going into chapter and verse let’s just say that you will be better served by embarking on an empowerment journey.

Finally, I do not receive any money from any product providers. I host this website at my expense. I am not employed by any of the industry participants, and therefore I am completely free to dispense my views without fear of employer incrimination, or media editor interference. All the views and opinions are my own. Above all else I continue to write articles for accredited journals, present at conferences, lecture to BML and MBA students and, most importantly conduct finance research.


for Portfolio Planning and Management 2005, sponsored by acsis, at the Financial Planning Institute convention.

Academic Qualifications:

Canadian Securities Course (CSC™)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Dissertation entitled “A Comparative Study of Opposing Investment Strategies: Active versus Passive Investment Management”

Post Graduate Diploma (Financial Planning)

Advanced Post Graduate Diploma (Financial Planning)
Asset Types and Investment Instruments
Principles of Portfolio Planning

Philosophiae Doctor (Business Management) (Ph.D)
Thesis entitled “Mean Variance Optimisation, Stochastic Simulation Modelling and Passive Formula Strategies for Equity Investments”

Professional Designations:

Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP™)
Chartered Marketer (SA)


Financial Planning Institute
Economic Society of South Africa
Investment Analysts Society of South Africa

Accredited as an Authorised Financial Services Provider by the Financial Services Board of South Africa as per License No. 3918
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