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4 Steps To Financial Independence
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Step 1: Portfolio Management

A subscription will allow you to consolidate all your assets into a portfolio, bringing order to chaos and which will allow you to assess its construction. Is it a rational, well diversified portfolio or a “bit-of-this and a bit-of-that”? Well Moneywise will provide you with a comparison, so you will be able to find out.

Although Moneywise does not focus on getting you to change your portfolio constituents, that is up to you. However you will very quickly come to realise if your portfolio is inappropriately constructed. Moneywise will track your portfolio performance relative to an appropriate benchmark, adjusted for approximated performance fees, income tax and appropriate cash holdings.

Did you know that 66 percent of investors do not know what their relative performance is?

How can you possibly retire if you do not know whether your performance is acceptable or not? Moneywise will objectively see how well you and/or your advisor are doing. If the results suggest that your performance is superior, then you can pat yourself or your advisor on the back and continue doing what you do. Otherwise you will see that corrective action needs to be taken. Either it is the portfolio or the advisor or both. You get to decide.

Step 2: Financial Planning

A well constructed and performing portfolio is only part of the puzzle. You need to develop a long-term financial plan, break this down into bite-size chunks and then integrate the plan with the portfolio. All of it must work in unison.

A subscription will allow you to develop a plan that is realistic and achievable. The plan will provide you with comprehensive information, ranging from whether you are appropriately insured to how much you need to save each month. Can you afford to be without a plan?

Step 3: Portfolio Overview

Moneywise consolidates all your information in a way that is graphically displayed to you, so that at a glance you can see how you are progressing towards achieving your financial goals. It is easy to highlight where your problems may lie, be it portfolio performance, insurance, lack of savings or poor portfolio construction.

Step 4: Annual Review and Revision

Yes, your investment advisor's nemesis, the annual review. This is an automated process. Moneywise will automatically make contact with you and agitate you to update your portfolio and revise your financial plan. This repeated process will keep you aligned with your plan, and will ensure you enter retirement in line with your goals.

The Moneywise 4 Steps To Financial Independence has been developed to cater to all investors, whether you have a financial advisor or not. Peace of mind is invaluable but the price of neglect, procrastination or lack of management is disastrous. You shouldn’t be without Moneywise.


Knowledge empowers. Take charge of your future and subscribe today.

There is no intention of peddling products, dispensing platitudes, preaching or making ridiculous promises, as so may others do, pretending to have all the answers. No. This is a rational, well researched and sophisticated approach to investing that will put the power into your hands. No longer will you lack information or not know where you stand as regards your investments. Empower yourself. Go it alone or remain one step ahead of your investment advisor. Never be on the receiving end again. If you feel you need more information or want to think about it, be our guest. Take it slowly, embark on the FREE email journey now, discover the myths of investing and arrive at your own conclusion.

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• Develop your own unique financial plan
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• Determine how much to save each month
• Take control of your investment finances
• Receive graphical performance feedback
• Know how much income to draw in retirement
• Determine your life assurance needs
• Set an automatic annual process in motion
• Provide you with peace of mind
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"Chew the meat - spit out the bones. It is best to broaden our knowledge base and I have done just this with this course. Life must be based on facts - and here are the facts..."                     - Mr. D. P.

"Interesting, dispelled a number of unquestioned beliefs."                                                     - Mr. P. J.

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